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Has finally closed 

after over thirty years of providing a unique accommodation facilty to guests from all over Australia and around the world, our dear old building, “Killountan" will now return to its previous use as a private residence.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our thousands, yes many thousands of guests, who have stayed with us for the past, almost twenty years, and also those in the decade before we took over.


I often said that “a hotel is only as good as its guests”, and we have been fortunate to have attracted some wonderful guests, interesting, kind, eclectic, and even eccentric.   Every single one has been a personality from which we could learn, and we have been grateful to have made so many wonderful friends over these two decades.


However, as they say, “time marches on,” and it now time for us to march on into our retirement.


Thank you all for an exciting and rewarding twenty years.


Keith Wherry and Marie Harland.


For matters of an administrative nature please contact: or 0408.282.802

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